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Ultimate Music Thread

Prairie Sage

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This video includes:
Jon Field – flute
Fred Frith – bass, guitar
John Greaves – keyboards
Steve Hillage – guitar
Tim Hodgkinson – keyboards
Karl Jenkins – oboe
Geoff Leigh – flute
Pierre Moerlen - percussion
Tom Newman – voice (nasal choir) and mixing
Mike Oldfield – bass, guitar, Hammond organ
Terry Oldfield – flute
Mike Ratledge – keyboards
Ted Speight – guitar, bass
Mick Taylor – guitar
Viv Stanshall, master of ceremonies

Five Great Guitar Players, particularly Oldfield, Hillage, and Frith (look them up).

And the incomparable Pierre Moerlen on percussion and the great Viv Stanshall as master of ceremonies.

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Yeah, I don’t know how you go from Red Rocks to the Student Union in about a year. I have a pretty vivid memory of it though.
Maybe it was General Public. English beat broke up for a while sometime fairly soon after the tour I saw them on and some of the members formed General Public. I'd have thought the Student Union would still have been too big a step down, but who knows. Cover band maybe?