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Ultimate Music Thread


I have squandered my resistance
15 Year Member
Attending Levitation Festival over the next few days. Last night was night one. (Oh -- it's a psychedelic rock festival.) Saw four bands -- one from L.A., one from Dallas, one from Australia, one from Japan -- you have to love that! They were all awesome, of course.

This was the Australian band. Stonefield. Four sisters. They were actually all spiffied up in women's suits (quite hot). I snagged their set list and thanked them after their show. Oh -- and the lead vocalist is the drummer -- that's something you don't often see! For that matter, they completely alter that concept of what psychedelic rock chicks should look like. Song video shows their ability to mind alter.



Feral Cat
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Yes! Haven't seen them but I've heard they put on an unbelievable live show.

They come to Austin all the time (as recently as two months ago). Somehow, I have not yet been able to make it happen. I definitely will -- because I'm well aware (as you are) that their live shows are off the hook. Their music is really all over the place. In a good way.