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Ultimate Music Thread

Red Reign

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Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton in one of the great live albums of all-time Humble Pie Rockin' the Fillmore

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Very little film of Duane exists. There was/is Duane and everyone else. Incredible player both on slide and lead. Arguably the best slide player ever and pretty darn close on lead. Then there was the iconic/great Dickey Betts. What a band
He was something else and they were maybe the most polished band outside a three piece I've ever heard. I was listening to the Allman Brothers first, but later really got into Clapton's playing. When a guy like Clapton says Duane was the best player he's ever heard, that says something to me.


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Something a little off the beaten track, not sure why it popped up as a suggestion on my YouTube this morning. Great talent in the US Navy Band and an inspirational video to go with it. Respect to the wounded warriors.