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Ultimate Music Thread

the walking red

official ball deflater
2 Year Member
Way cool.

Dang invisible onion cutting ninjas
Great video. When I was 13/14 I started working nearly full time during summers, and I saved up my money all summer to buy a boom box with a CD player. One of the first CDs I bought was Pearl Jam Vs. I lived in small town NE, so the local radio stations all sucked. If I bent the rabbit ears just right I could get 89.7 out of CB/Omaha which played Nirvana, STP, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. It was scratchy but still better than listening to country or Maria Carey. We also didn't have MTV, so my other option was to stay up late and watch Letterman or SNL.


Red Reign

Husker Immortal
10 Year Member
Killer album....good to see him looking good and making some music again been a long time since the Badlands days....bass player is Anthony 'Ant' Esposito who played in Lynch Mob....great player....



Music Soothes My Soul
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Well, I just happened upon this KEXP Tiny Desk vid, and was like, WTH? That first song was crazy intriguing. Torture yourself with the whole 15 minutes if yer in a Colorado state of mind. :O O: