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UCF QB McKenzie Milton details how close he was to losing his leg


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To fix the issue, Milton said doctors actually had to take a vein from his other leg to “make a new artery” in his injured leg:

"I had a huge scar from my left knee to my upper groin in my left side, which is my good side. They had to take the saphenous vein out of my left leg and make a new artery in my right leg to restore blood flow to save the leg, which is amazing. I also had two big cuts on each side of my right leg — they were open with tubes running in and out with blood just coming out. They had to keep those open because, if not, your leg would puff up and basically explode."

UCF preparing for 2019 season without Milton.

May be back in 2020: http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/26549900/ucf-qb-mckenzie-milton-journey-own-words-got-hurt-reason

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I really hope the kid makes it back and is able to play. What an emotional roller coaster he must have been going through.


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From the article;

Milton said he doesn’t want to look too far ahead. His recovery is about setting attainable goals and checking them off as time goes on with the ultimate goal of returning to the field for the Knights.
Looks like he's handling it the right way. Wish him good luck in his recovery. :nod: