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Sounds like he is from the Charlie McBride mold. From Jon Miller at HawkeyeNation.com.

I only know Coach Kaczenski based upon the three or four time I have interviewed him at Iowa football media days since he was hired in 2007 to coach Iowa’s defensive line unit, having been promoted from his position as a Graduate Assistant at Iowa during the 2005 & 2006 seasons. That basically means that I don’t know Kaczenski that well at all and will not pretend that I do. He replaced Ron Aiken, who left the program in February of 2007 to join the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals staff.
Full article here.

From the second article on recruiting.

Iowa has placed 20 defensive linemen in the NFL under Kirk Ferentz and every senior starter (seven) under DL Coach Rick Kaczenski has gone on to the NFL. Iowa was the only school to have three of its defensive linemen drafted in the 2011 draft. Last year’s senior class (Clayborn, Klug, Ballard) were a part of four defenses whose average NCAA scoring defense ranking was 9.25. Yes, I wrote average ranking. They were 7th in 2010, 10th in 2009, 8th in 2008 and 12th in 2007. That 2007 number is not a misprint, either.
Full article here.


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From the second article on recruiting.
Full article here.
The Kaczenski stuff is interesting, but I'm finding the other information about Iowa's recruiting more surprising:

Over the past two NFL drafts, only USC and Florida have seen more players drafted than Iowa...

Iowa has had the most offensive linemen drafted in the NFL (11) since the 2003 NFL Draft.

Every Iowa senior starting tight end (nine) under Kirk Ferentz has been drafted in the NFL or made an NFL team in his first year as a rookie.

All 11 members of Iowa’s starting defensive unit in 2008 were either drafted in the last three NFL drafts or signed to NFL free agent contracts following the drafts.

Over the past 10 years, 90 of 100 (90%) of Iowa’s senior starters have been drafted in the NFL or signed NFL free agent contracts.
I'm not much of an NFL fan, but hard to argue it's not a good indication of finding and/or developing talent. Hopefully, if we end up with Kaczenski, he was a big contributor to Iowa's successes.


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Overall, I like the hire. As I've stated previously, there are a few reservations I have, but it definitely beats some of the alternative routes I heard that were a possibility.

I like his intensity.

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Sounds like a pretty good coach. I'm disappointed we didn't get Steve Warren but it sounds like this guy produces some great linemen.
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