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Turner Gill


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Pretty dang good career considering some of the schools he was at. Taking a school like liberty from FCS to FBS had to be difficult.
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Congratulations to Turner for putting together a sneaky good coaching career. Some time as an assistant at NU and in the NFL, then successful stints as a HC at Buffalo and Liberty. The two-year stint at KU shouldn't be held against him... that place is a football coaching grave yard.

Any chance he would take an administrative or support staff (non-coaching) position at NU? Not sure if retirement in this case means done coaching or totally done working. Good luck to him regardless.


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I was fortunate enough to watch Turner in his first start as QB - home, against CU, I believe. I was so impressed right off the bat. He gave a lot to NU over the years, and am sorry to see why he has chosen to retire. Wish the best for him and his wife.


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Turner has always been a class act.

I remember one spring game I went to, cant remember the year (I think it was 04), Gill was signing autographs and had a massive crowd gathered around him of people who wanted to tell him that he should've been the HC, not Bill Callahan. This went on for a good 5-10 minutes, me and my dad just stood there watching the scene. Not a single, solitary time did Coach Gill agree with any of them. He just said, "I appreciate your support". There weren't any cameras or reporters around, only a bunch of fans who loved him. It would've been really easy for a normal human being to make at least a facial expression indicating that he agreed with the fans' (correct) sentiments. He never did. He did nothing but exude absolute humility.

I have a photograph with him in Memorial Stadium after one of their high school summer camps and it is one of my most prized possessions. He spent 20 minutes just talking to me and my dad about football and it was awesome. He could've headed inside after practice was over, but instead he stayed on the field to talk to a high school player with absolutely NO shot at a D1 roster for the better part of half an hour.

Sorry for the length, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for Coach Gill. I hope he finds the fulfilment that he very much deserves.