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Turn the Moos loose...

What a silly thread and post. Hes been the best athletic director we have had this century. He made two amazing hires in Hoiberg and frost. In his short time he has gotten a plan approved for an awesome and much needed football facility. The only thing in its way is covid. And hes smart enough to understand that Frost cant be fired for at least another 3 or 4 years or more so he didnt publically trash his coach. It helps the coach recruit and run a program when he has his bosses support. Now if he would have slammed Frost it would have made u feel better so I guess that's his main slip up so far....


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So if Moos would have decided that frost wasn’t our guy and didn’t hire him. Frost then goes to Florida and crushes it. We fire moss bc he was wrong. He did the only thing that could have been done, hire frost. He also got us the best basketball coach we’ve ever had. Sounds like you have an ax to grind


Tom Osborne
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How in anyone’s right mind, can Moos be considered a great Athletic Director? His department stinks - all graded by on the field performances.
Frankly, his review of Frost is also lacking in honesty. Until NU hires a top tier AD, this is what you get.


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Moos is not the problem. He made great hires (at least at the time) in football, mens basketball, and baseball. Football obviously isn't working out the way any of us wanted or hoped so far, but it isn't like Moos screwed up with a poorly-handled search and then ended up reaching for someone like Callahan or Riley. Moos has a record of success at several other D1 schools, and he doesn't assign books like "The Energy Bus" to all of the coaches.