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Tunnel Walk - Joker, Why So Sirius?


Blackshirt Sith Lord
10 Year Member
In another thread someone was talking about how we use the song Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother as a kickoff song. The guitar riff is pretty sweet.

So here's a thing: http://sndup.net/ksmv

I like the change in it.. maybe i would like some heavy bass drum added in to kind of pound the heart a little bit..
Oh, I am okay with it really. Triggered Hot Sauce and the balloon thing. Mission accomplished.
No, I make that post to rankle some of you guys. The balloons is such a hot topic, someone should start a thread about it. LMAO! :Corn2:
Never thought I would say this, but I like this arrangement. It would be nice to try it for one game, at least. See how well it goes over.


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