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Tune in (Mon 1/18/21) to see Bryce McGowens play at the St. James NIBC Invitational.

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(Bryce McGowens is #5)

Monday's game is at 10:00 CT on ESPNU (Legacy Early College vs La Lumiere School)
Sunday's game is at 12:30 CT on ESPN3 (Legacy Early College vs Bishop Walsh)


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Bryce definitely looks like his brother: same intense stare telling you "you don't want to play with me, it will go badly for you".

EDIT: McGowens can definitely hit free throws... maybe he can teach the rest of the Huskers when he gets to Lincoln.

EDIT EDIT: McGowens had about 20 points - 13ish from the free throw line! He did miss one. He was something like 3-20 from the field... he was bumped, checked, chucked and fouled all over the place. Commentator was high on him - said once he spent some time in the weight room and learned to use his base he would be a good defender. Pure shooter, but just beginning to come around outside. Has been on cruise control until the last year or so -- going to current high school has caused him to concentrate in practice and get much better, expects more at college level.

My guess: Doesn't sound like a one-and-done candidate, and he's got to get tougher to play in the Big Ten. Could score a lot, and it will be hard for Fred not to play him at forward (because he's so long) once he gets some heft to him.
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