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Trying to Understand


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I've posted very little and am just as frustrated with the current state of Nebraska football....but....I feel there is reason for hope, albeit slight.

Game 1 - Ohio St. game i'll just basically move on from. Some where encouraged, others not so much. We know they are good, talented and better coached.

Game 2 - We lost to 7-2 Northwestern by 8....a game most would admit that even though at times we look terribly inept we did put up 442 yards. Just think if we looked just "average" in the eyes of Husker fans. A win would have been likely.

Game 3 - We beat Penn State. A team that obviously struggled (how do you think their fan base must feel this year). They are more talented, better coached, etc. (yada yada), but we pulled it off.

Game 4 - Illinois game.....This game was obviously ugly on virtually every level. No reason to rehash this one.

Game 5 - Another could have been an easy win game. And this is against our so-called her rival Iowa that finished 6-2 and most said heading in that we would lose by 30. One or two plays could have obviously changed the outcome.

Game 6 - A win over Purdue.....enough said.

Game 7 - I know, we've all head it. They (Minnesota) were missing tons of players, etc...but the final was 24-17 so regardless just a couple of big plays from a much different outcome.

Game 8 - A win over Rutgers. Obviously not impressive but nonetheless a victory. There is something about Nebraska that can't blow anyone out. Regardless everyone kept harping that Rutgers has a better coach, trending in the right direction, etc.....but NU prevailed.

Going back to my last statement about not being able to blow anyone out. I think most could be on the same page that we do have some talent on offense that is more than capable in making many more plays then they have so far. Is coaching the problem? Scheme (which i know goes back to coaching)? Confidence? Chemistry? Talent?

I, like others, think that if we could ever get just a little momentum/confidence going that this team just may turn that corner. I don't mean in the way UCF did and run the table but just get back to respectability, whether that is 8 wins, 9 wins, 10 wins. Let's say we open the season with a decent win against Illinois (which we better considering they just went through a coaching change. Talk about a slap in the face when we have been using that excuse for 3 years but continually get beat by teams in similar situations).

I know Buffalo had a good season, but once again it isn't a game Nebraska can lose. Obviously next is Oklahoma....I don't think we are ready to compete there yet and after a game against Michigan State we get Ohio St. again....but is there any game on the remaining schedule Nebraska can't win if they make even a slight improvement? Do I think the Huskers will go 10-2? No....but could they? I think if things clicked they could. Could they go 6-6 or worse? Well we know that answer as well.

I'm just saying....as terrible as our record has been that hope isn't all lost, just hard to find. I just wish more people would support and not be so negative. It is seen by recruits and I think it has to change their perception of the otherwise awesome Husker fanbase.
Thanks you spared me the time of writing out some of the stuff you stated. I feel like I'm a rationalist and don't blindly support SF anymore. I need some proof. However you pointing out how close we were in some of those games this year is fairly similar to his first two years. Scott is 12-20 and the only thing keeping him from being 20-12 is constant in game mistakes. Talent was there. They have to get that talent to execute and with every game seemingly a constant parley of mistakes and errors it now becomes a coaching responsibility to get them playing to their capability. Right now the number 1 development thing they need to do......in my humble opinion......is change their practice routine to a slower, work on fundamentals and spot correct their mistakes instead of the practice fast and correct it in the film room plan.

Its like golf. Do you go to the range and practice by hitting 100 quick balls without ever trying to correct your shanks and skulls or do you take your time and hit 30 balls at the pace you do when you are on the course.