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Trivia Question

Here's a trivia question that I didn't know until just now....

What former Cornhusker's father caught passes in high school from Steve Young, caught passes in college from Doug Flutie, and caught a few passes in the NFL from John Elway?


Isn't it amazing that Ken Bell caught passes from Heisman Trophy winners in high school and college, but he had to settle for a Hall of Famer in the NFL?
Well, Steve Young actually never won the Heisman as he was the runner-up to Mike Rozier in 1983. Doug Flutie was also nominated in 1983 and won it in 1984. However, it's still pretty amazing even with that.

Bruce Pickens was pick #3
Ooh, I forgot about Mike Rozier.
So, we've got Irving Fryar Nd Mike Rozier.
Who were the other two Husker football players picked #1 overall in the draft?

FWIW, I was guessing without looking it up. I'd guess the others are someone from way back, like Tom Novak or Bob Brown. I can't remember the name, but I think that the very first person taken in what we now call the draft was a Husker, but I don't think he ended up famous, and I don't think we even retired his number, but that's just fragments of memories from the part of my brain that was damaged by exposure to toxic flatulence in college.


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