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Trivia Question

Name the opponent against whom the Big Red donned blue jerseys?

Bonus points for the year and the score

That's it - any guess on the year and/or score?

Don’t recall the year or score only to say it was a LONG time ago. I recall reading about it and believe the game was in Lincoln. Something about the officials wanted to be able to tell the teams apart on the field of play so Nebraska donned blue jerseys o_O Nebraska nice ya know, or we lost the coin-flip? I think NU lost?

Edit: Okay so I had to look it up. Was the 1st game in Memorial Stadium, Oct 13th, 1923. Game was played on a dirt surface as grass hadn’t been installed yet! NU shut out the dirt burglars 24-0 and gained 350 yards on the ground and 0 yards through the air, although they did attempt 10 passes! Dave “Big Moose” Noble was a beast for NU in the game, even knocked the air out of the ball on a kick-off and they had to substitute with a 2nd ball :) The good ‘ol days!

Oh and a new song was introduced on Friday nite at the rally and sung by the Varsity Quartet, the song was “No Place Like Nebraska”


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Six points for whoever can answer this:

What former Husker sported the flashy nickname; End Zone?

An extra point if you can tell me what number he wore!
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