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Trivia Question


I think you are trying for Jeff Kinney in 1969, but Guy Ingles actually led him in reception yards by 8 yards even though Jeff had 14 more catches.
I am looking for Jeff Kinney in 1969! Per the official huskers.com record book he lead the team with 546 rushing yards and 433 yards receiving. Those stats are regular season only (till 98 I think?) It looks like Ingles passed Kinney in the Sun Bowl.

The other guy is Dick Hutton, who lead with 332 rushing 228 receiving in 1946.


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What is the record for most rushing yards by a Husker in a bowl game? Yards?

Please refrain from looking it up, this is, after all, trivia!
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What school holds the 2nd longest string of consecutive seasons with at least 9 wins - behind Nebraska's NCAA record 33 years in a row?