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If you are traveling to a Husker game I would strongly recommend that you avoid Budget and Avis car rental.

The reason why I am making this recommendation is detailed here.
Wow, what a bunch of schmucks! Hard to undue this kind of press when customers can no longer trust them with their quotes and service. Sounds like their customer relations department needs a major overhaul. I sent the e-mail David, hope everyone does... can we "vote" more than once a day?:cool:
That's shady as hell. Them, I mean. I won't use em.
If you're a member of Triple A you can get Hertz Gold. I only use Hertz now, they have been decent and affordable. I have also never had an issue with Enterprise.
I used Budget a month back and they tried to charge me twice what I was quoted online. I got upset and placed a reservation with Thrifty only to find out at the Thrifty spot they are now Budget. So I went back and got a different agent and demanded they give it to me for the online quoted price and they did. Needless to say won't use Budget anymore.
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Wow unbelievable, Thanks for the heads-up Max. I will never do business with them. Good luck, hope you can get this resolved. GBR!!
Sent an e-mail David, just got a response:

budgetdocuments <budgetdocuments@avisbudget.com>
3:21 PM (1 hour ago)



to me

****This is an automatic response. Please do not reply to this message****
Thank you for contacting Budget Rent a Car North America.
We have received your inquiry; it is in our queue for review and processing. You will receive a response within three to five days.
Please know the size of your message with any attachments or embedded graphics should be kept under 3 MB. If you do not receive a response to emails sent to budgetdocuments@avisbudget.com within 5-7 business days of your submission, we may not have been able to open your email or attachment due to mail content over size limit.

Will keep you posted David but it sounds like the same automatic response you got.
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