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Toughest Huskers

Scott in NY

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Hard to answer- but I can definitely tell you who is the toughest LOOKING Husker.

No way did this guy get messed with.
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Richard Berns...

BTW, Tom Novak said when Berns was "given" the Novak Award that it took a lot of cojones to do what he did... only Tom didn't use any fancy Spanish words...
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I am curious about where you knew him from because they were Michigan kids. A fellow I coach with played for Ed in high school at Saginaw Arthur Hill in the mid-70's (he was an assistant). That team was unbeaten and un-scored upon in Michigan's highest classification. Anyway, my friend mouthed off a little bit to Ed during a game so Periard made him go find his parents in the stands, get in front of them on the sideline, take off his helmet and get down on the ground and blow bubbles into a puddle of water (it was a rain game). This was the old days so after the game my friend's dad asked him what the heck he did to tick off the coaches and he will dole out his additional punishment for home once he hears the answer! That would never happen today...
Lived there. Worked there. Friends with a guy that played on that AH team. Bob Devaney's high school!