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Toughest Huskers

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Let me say that I saw Tom Novak play and a lot of other really tough Huskers. None were tougher than Novak. And he was not surrouinded by much most of the time.
My father played baseball with Tom Novak and he always said he had no fear of anything. He would run into the outfield fence without slowing down a step. I got to know Tom a little bit when I worked for the UNL Landscape services. He would answer the phone for Bill Shepherd. If we didn't have anything to do, we would hide the pickup under the North stadium and go listen to Tom tell stories, and he had quite a few.


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A lot of good answers and it also shows that there are different kinds of toughness. Guys who play through injury, guys who maul anyone in front of them, or guys with a mean streak or chip on their shoulders.

I remember reading how Joel Wilks was fighting anyone and everyone at every practice. Maybe he was the toughest?


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Ed Periard

Beat me to it! One of my all time favorites. He was in LSU's backfield the entire game in the 1970 season's Orange bowl. He got there not by quickness but by beating the crap out of whatever O linemen went after him, and he was not a big guy.
Tom Novak was a player I'd love to have seen play. Definitely among the toughest Huskers ever.

Wayne Meylan and Jerry Murtaugh stand out as Devaney era tough guys.

Who are some of your favorite Husker tough guys?
Lance Gray, all day and every day: the original Bullet Head

Honorable Mention: Brook Berringer (played 2nd half against Wyoming with cracked ribs and punctured, collapsed lung) and Lawrence Phillips (what all did he have against Kansas State?)
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