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Top 3 NU plays you've seen in person


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1. Tommie Frazier run for touchdown at the Fiesta, after everyone thought he was stopped.
2. Crouch catching the pass from Mike Stuntz versus OU. (Heisman catch!)
3. Cory Schlesinger scoring the go-ahead TD against Miami at the Orange Bowl.
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Bigger Ed

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Henery's 57 yarder v Colorado
Westerkamp's behind-the-back catch v Florida Atlantic
Abdullah's 58 yard TD reception v McNeese State

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[QUOTE="BigRedAvenger, post: 3748052, member: 4302]
2. The Suh interception then subsequent destruction of Hawkins enroute to the Endzone.
3. The ridiculously long field goal that preceded #2.[/QUOTE]

I’ve only personally seen these two, and after reading the others on this list, makes me kind of sad I missed so many I COULD have seen in person.


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My top 2:

Mike Rozier reversing field for the longest 3 yard td run in history against UCLA

Irving Fryar bouncerooski to Mitch Krenk against OU.
Good ones! I witnessed both of those as well.

Another ... from my favorite game ever attended in-person ... and even though this play was wrongly overturned, it exemplified the fire NU played with that day. Best fan atmosphere ever!



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1) Schlesinger's TD run against Miami in the Orange Bowl
2) Henery's 57 yard FG
3) Suh's interception/TD run.
4) Hail Mary to Westerkamp