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Top 247, Consensus 4* WR Omarion Miller: Trending To Nebraska

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We know this is why he decommitted? Is this implied or is it stated?

He committed to Mickey Joseph while at LSU and has a long term relationship with him before committing

I assume Mickey was instrumental in getting him to de-commit by recruiting the heck out of him based on their long time relationship. Happens all the time as we both know

He is visiting Nebraska this weekend which confirms what I wrote

So I would say its implied by his actions to answer your question as it was not stated by him

Articles written today talk about that relationship with Mickey one of which I posted above

Thus, Its my assumption based on his de-committing that he never bonded with the new staff

Which makes sense when you think about it

Also heard as much
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Interesting moving target, that NIL, HIO. I tend to agree with you but at this point all of us, or since I don't know sources for everyone else - I - am very curious about the facts in the NIL world. I wonder if we will ever know.
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