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TO Presser today at 3:30 to announce new coach


Junior Varsity
10 Year Member
Getting new pitching and hitting coaches. He said all the right things and seems to know where he needs the help. Being as popular as he was here (and still is), and getting started as a coach in a weaker baseball league, he will have a fair amount of elbow room to get things right.

Exciting to see TO's hires.... Bo, young, passionate, on the rise and stated NU was dream job. Darin, young, passionate, lots of upside. Just gotta enjoy the way things are looking in these two programs.


Tom Osborne
5 Year Member
Let's just say that I don't anticipate being last place in the B10 2 of the next 3 years. ;)


Husker Immortal Love Tool
10 Year Member
Man! After listening to him talk I am STOKED about this hire!!!

But then I was also stoked after first hearing B.C.!

NS Husker

5 Year Member
Great to have Erstad leading the way. I would think kids would like to learn from someone who led the AL in hits. He's not quite like Tony Gwynn at SDSU but he is NU's version.