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TJ Pledger: Commits to OU

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Here's a thought, lets talk about TJ Pledger and the fact that he has narrowed his list down to 2 main universities or the fact that he was at a function last week wearing a Nebraska shirt.....oh by the way how did he do at that function? Maybe one of the posters can find out if he will be at the spring game and when he plans to commit...... Any of that would be better than the continuous virtual cat fights we get to experience on here. I'm with redfish it's getting old.
Well, I for one think it would be a great get, considering that we've yet to land a top tier RB recruit during the Riley era. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Is a reply to....

Bang my line = call me???
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Not looking promising right now. Sounds like NU is going to have to absolutely nail it with his visit during the spring game, and then some, just to have a chance.

Congrats on getting that in.

Well, have we? Bryant was a three star. Ozigbo was a tweener ( 2*/3*). As much as I like Bradley he was only a 2* by most services. I do happen to think he was underrated for several reasons.

I'm sorry that you have issues with facts, but truth is truth.

Personally I dont think this ones over. Hope the coaches keep in contact with him at least. Worked with Tyjon, you never know.

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