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TJ Pledger: Commits to OU

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-Looks like it is currently Nebraska and Oklahoma out in front for his services. Says that both schools came out to see him in Florida after transferring to IMG, which really impressed him.

-Plans on visiting both OU and Nebraska (hopefully Spring game) before making a commitment in May.

-A couple of CB's put in for OU today... but important to remember that he is really good friends with Lindsey and Bookie, so fingers crossed that those relationships are enough to push NU over the top.

Now the question...Is Davis the coach/recruiter to get him to actually commit? I guess we will find out. :thumbsup:

If Nebraska is smart, they don't let Reggie Davis recruit Pledger solo. They'd be smart to include Donte Williams.
I would certainly hope that is the case. There is enough quality in IMG to send Williams x 2 regardless of Davis I think.
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