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Time change: HUSKERS HOST ILLINI - SUN - 3/26/23 - 2:30CT - Haymarket Park - Going for the Sweep!!

on inside 0-1 count
269 0 9 rbi
Fischer on deck to ph

1-1 count to Ben

hit to deep ss
and the throw is not in time!!
here we go, again???
dropped at 1st, but safe anyway

Fischer lh vs rhp

1-0 count
304 avg

down the middle
1-1 count

1of7 this series
k'd 5 times!!

2-1 count

Brice is on deck

hit to ss and to 2nd for the force!
Ben scored

Oh, what could have been!!

My optomism??

Sorry…it’s what I am….what I do…

I was in a dark place in the army for a while when a grizzled old sergeant taught me optimism was FAR better and FAR more healthy.

never forgot that guy!
No argument, but I am running out of hope :)
Brice takes outside
for strike 1
2for4 for Brice

s/m on a low fast ball!!
0-2 quickly!!

misses outside
1-2 count


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