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TIME CHANGE! due to possible inclement weather later on...Nebraska @Purdue - Friday - 12:00 pm Ctrl - 5-19-23 - ALEXANDER FIELD - GAME 2 of 3

fouled off
2-1 count

in for strike 2
2-2 count


3 outs!!
1/2/3 for each team

end of 1 inning

Top of the 2nd inning

Gabe ab

rh vs rhp

down in dirt
1-0 count

301 avg

2-0 count
17 hrs for Gabe

misses outside
3-0 count

ball 4!!
need a hr for new hr record, 30 years ago
Josh Caron ab
rh vs rhp

in for strike 1

hit to deep ctr
Cornblum has it

1 down
Fischer ab 1b
Caron is the dh, btw

hit up he middle!!
and men on the corners!!

2 on and 1 out

Carey ss ab 277

all are hitting the ball
well, so far.

bunt is missed
0-1 count on an
attempted squeeze!
1-1 count
no show of bunt this time

abunt ius down
and runner out at home!!
Terrible bunt!!!!!! :(

2 down!!
bunt was to the P
easy out at home!!

Ben ab C
fouled off
0-1 count

fouled off
0-1 count
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clutch, baby!! :)

even with the failed
bunt, looking good early!!
18 rbi now for Ben

Mozely ab
1-0 count

2-0 count


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