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Tickets for sale or buy FAQ

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This thread will try and compile all of the most asked questions. So please check here first. If your question is not answered here please start a new thread.

  1. Tickets are available for all Husker home and away games on the HuskerMax Ticket web site. I have worked with this ticket co-op for several years and they always deliver with 100% satisfaction. The prices are competitive with any other Internet ticket site.
  2. The number of available tickets for each listing is for the number of tickets available in that sec and row. They may or may not be next to each other.
  3. If you have Husker tickets for sale and are not a subscriber to the BBS we will post your ticket information for you. Send the following details to [email protected] with Husker tickets for sale in the subject line.

    Number of tickets and the game they are for.
    Location of tickets.
    Asking price for tickets.
    Your contact email and/or phone number.

    If you are a member of the BBS and are posting tickets for sale be sure to include an email contact as non subscribers on the BBS cannot start a conversation. Once your tickets are sold please update your thread that they have been sold and I will remove the thread to allow others to stay on the first page
  4. If you are looking for tickets please search this board buy selecting the "Search Thread" link on the top of the forum for the tickets you would like before you post a thread. Once you find/buy or tickets please update your thread with that info and I will remove the thread to allow others to stay on the first page.
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Get 50% off on Omaha Steaks