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Thrillist - 31 Best Burger Joints in America

I ate last night at Bobby Flays burger bar attached to a casino in Lithicum Maryland. (Baltimore suburb). I ordered the crunchy bacon cheese burger med rare. It was one of the best burgers I've ever ate.
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Haven't been to any of them. Lots of places make great burgers though, I doubt this list is too authoritative.
Concur, I've seen many of these over the years. Just threw this one up to see how many members had eaten at one/some of them.
I've been to both Chris Madrid's in San Antonio and Hub Cap Grill in Houston. Both are outstanding; quite frankly there are other burger places not on the list that are just as good; but probably none better. But most burger places are not as good. What I always care the most about are really good fries; something more along the line of what you get in Germany or France. Fresh out of the fryer, crisp and just salt, and a lot of it. There are more places with good burgers than with truly outstanding fries.

Quite frankly, it has been a few years since I have been to either. Hub Cap is just few blocks from the office and now would be a great time to go (mostly outdoor seating) before it gets really hot outside.

Need to go and check out the burgers and fries!
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