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Locked due to no posts in 60 days. Report 1st post if need unlocked Three Harris Poll voters ranked Oklahoma St. No. 6

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The idea of the poll is to determine a hard ranking of spots and varibility will work itself out. But in the BCS, every vote and every position counts in your score.

Their is no justification for Okie State's whining. Their loss to ISU aside, they barely squeaked by KState and Aggies. They played their way into their bed. Their defense was so poor during the season, they deserve no consideration for MNC.
politics, bias, and stupidity........they are essentially interchangeable terms.
Also every Big 12 coach voted Oak St 2nd except for one, Pinkel whose team joins....drum roll please the SEC next year. This system stinks !

Guess who was the ONLY coach to vote Mizzou in the top 25, oh, that's 7-5 Mizzou btw...you guessed it Gary Pinkel

Sadly I think the only real way to use polls is to have computer weigh more than personal bias. The human polls have always been a joke imo.

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