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Thoughts on the new players after watching a day of beach volleyball


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One of the great things about being retired is that I can spend the better part of a weekday kicking back and watching volleyball. In particular, I was watching the new players to see what they looked like. Beach and indoor volleyball are very different so it's hard to make direct comparisons, but one can make observations about the overall level of athleticism and basic ball handling skills of the players.

Of the five freshman the most impressive by far from an athletic standpoint is Andi Jackson. She is tall, has lots of lean muscle mass, jumps high, hits hard, and has impressive quickness and lateral movement. She seemed very comfortable with her digging and passing, which is impressive for a girl projected to be a middle blocker. She also served fairly well, though she did have a couple that went into the net. I see no reason why she couldn't be a pin hitter if she wanted to go that route. I think the sky is the limit with this girl.

Harper Murray and Caroline Jurevicius also looked good. They are both fairly tall and quick and have pretty good ball skills.

Choboy did well at what she is good at, which is digging and passing. She struggled to cover the court and she can't make plays at the net due to her lack of size. That is a big problem in beach, where you kind of have to do everything well to be competitive, but I see no reason why Choboy shouldn't be a very good libero or defensive specialist in the fall.

In my opinion, the one who struggled the most was Bergen Reilly. She did not look comfortable and seemed to struggle with receiving a serve and making a decent pass. Just like with Choboy, I think beach volleyball is not a good sport to showcase her setting skills for indoor competition. What was a little concerning to me was her apparent lack of quickness and lateral movement. That lack may not be as concerning for someone playing setter, as compared to someone playing libero and/or defensive specialist, but all things being equal it is better to be more athletic than not. We'll see how she looks in the fall.

And that leaves me with one final newcomer, Merrit Beason. That girl is a very, very good athlete and volleyball player. She was teamed up with Murray, and I mentioned that Murray looked good, but Beason looked better. Beason is taller and quicker than Murray. Beason covers a lot of court and passed and served quite well. I can easily see Beason being a 6-rotation player, which she was at Florida. I was very impressed with Beason.

I hope at least some of you watched the matches yesterday. If so, please add your thoughts/comments.

Did not see a lot of it, but agree Murray and Beason were very impressive. Of the returning members, Allick looked good in the sand.
Did not see a lot of it, but agree Murray and Beason were very impressive. Of the returning members, Allick looked good in the sand.
I was pleasantly surprised to see Allick get most of her serves in. It looked like she has been working on her serving in the off-season. It was easily the weakest part of her game last season, and I am glad to see she appears to be taking steps to improve.

I didn't mention any of the returning players, but I thought Krause looked the most impressive of all of them. She is freakishly quick and athletic for someone as tall as she is. In fact, if I had to guess what the starting lineup for the front line will be in the fall, I would predict it will be Krause on the left, Allick in the middle, and Beason on the right.
Just watched some more Nebraska women's beach volleyball. I will repeat what I said in my original post above that Andi Jackson is an impressive athlete. I would say she easily has the highest vertical jump on the team. She also covers a lot of ground when in the back court. She is tall, strong, quick, and jumps really well. I know Allick is a good player, but I would not be shocked if Jackson pushes Allick and Mendelson for playing time this Fall.

The ladies were wearing cut off tank tops that showed their arms, shoulders and back, and all I can say is that Krause has clearly been spending a lot of time in the weight room this winter. She is a beast. She has huge shoulder, back, and arm muscles. She has almost no fat either. She has clearly dedicated herself to getting bigger and stronger. I am glad to see this because with Madi Kubik and Whitney Lauenstein gone, much of the scoring load will fall on Lindsey Krause. We need her to come up big this Fall.


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