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Thor is taking his hammer & going home.


Shoot (okay pun intended), was really hoping he would stay for one more year as he really progressed last year and got to a point of meeting expectations with his shooting. Realize defense was an issue with his foot speed but came to be a reliable all out effort type of player. Here is to hoping he has some success and can experience winning basketball outside of college.


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If anyone is curious, Thor signed with the Iceland's Pro League team KR (football Rejkyavik?). He's not a starter, but he's playing a lot of minutes and 7.6 points over 12 games.

Good luck to him!
I had a teammate play in Iceland for a couple of years in their pro league when we graduated. It wasn’t what it is now, as they played occasionally on tile floors in middle schools, but he got to do some traveling and socked away a few dollars. He sent us pictures, and it’s still on a bucket list of places I’d love to visit. Some beautiful areas.
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