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This looks good.

chicago husker

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It's called Nichts für den kleinen Hunger: Kartoffel-Bacon-Tarte im Knuspermantel.

Anybody speak German because I can't read it or the recipe. (Looks simple enough though)


To satisfy the small appetite, is mostly fast a snack in the kitchen cabinet. But what, if the bloated belly of hungry hollow sounds like a ripe watermelon and stomach growls like a bear after hibernation? Since already an ordinary meal is needed to feel alive at all again. No problem with this schinkigen potato chunks.

For this you need:

· 45 slices Bacon

· 5 medium potatoes

· 400 g grated cheddar

· Salt and pepper

So it goes:

1 The slices of bacon in a small skillet put fanned out to a circle. The end of the discs it overlaps the edge of the pan. Its inner surface is entirely covered.

2 Wash and cut the potatoes into thin slices. The bottom of the pan with a layer of potatoes, put out salt and pepper them. Arranged the slices thick with cheese. Repeat the steps twice more. While you're with each layer less potato slices in the pan.

3 To the closing of the artwork you open turn the bacon slices across the middle. Then you bake it at 170 ° C for 2 1/2 hours.

The yawning emptiness has turned safely in the middle of your abdomen after eating this rich feast in the exact opposite. Chances are, you fall into a food coma now, and are a while not able to stand up. After a long digestive NAP, there is then the next decent portion.