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This is Pretty Cool

Met Caoch Verduzco today at our local high school practice. Then I started talking to the Vanderbilt QB coach as well. Turned out it was Gerry Gdowski. I had a great day. This is my son with both Coach Verduzco and Coach Gdowski. Also, an offer was made today. View attachment 24056

View attachment 24055
I know that some get upset over Verduzco's cigar, but that generally doesn't bother me, but I'm wondering how that works with various states' tobacco laws when it comes to schools? For example, it's common to have laws that say that you can't smoke or use smokeless tobacco products within X feet of a school building (which has on occasion led to parents getting into trouble for smoking in their cars while waiting to pick up their kids in a car line), but how does holding a cigar in your teeth get treated? He's not smoking it, and that's what it's intended for as far as tobacco use, but if he's chewing on it--which he said that he started to do so as to stop using chewing tobacco--how is that different from using chewing tobacco? I'm a little concerned that he'll get in legal trouble somewhere over something related to this.
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I'm glad to hear that. It's smart that he asked.
Glad he asked first but would prefer that he refrain when visiting recruits and especially on school grounds. As a recent "quitter" I can tell how hard the struggle gets but there were places, no matter how much I wanted a smoke, I just didn't do it.


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Seems to personify the image that he wants to portray -- maybe as the 'Godfather of QB whisperers.'
I agree, totally an imagery thing. Heck the guy even carries an unlit one into Pep Rallies and the march into the stadium before games.