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This Is My Last Post

This is my last post until Trump has another summit with that North Korean Leader.

Don't hold your breath. Our leader loves despots like KJI, Putin, and others. They epitomize what he would like to achieve as a president; complete direction of a country, limitations of individual rights, oversight of the federal government...etc.

This is my last post until our borders are secure.

They actually are secure, unless you think impoverished immigrants are out to get you or your occupation, statistically that isn't the case. In addition federal laws dictate that immigrants seeking asylum are allowed to enter our country for processing to determine their relevance, the separation of children and putting them in cages is a new thing. Believe it or not. It's all about cruelty, nothing more, nothing less. Research will take you there.
This is my last post until I get out of jail for beating one of my subordinates to a pulp.

Enjoy the summer.

I go to forums to read and enjoy myself, entertainment value. I do not need political jabs at anyone, most certainly President Trump, yes, duly elected president. Segregation of illegal immigrant children was done during the Odumba administration so let's don't blindly and errantly blame this "new action" on President Trump. Enough with the politics on this site, we come here to enjoy all things Husker.
This my last post until Dingle explains how he can eat his SO's cookies with his head so far North. Cryptic, not really for one so knowing!

It's late, I'm sick of you shite and I'm going to bed.

Before I come back you need to:

A) Get laid so you're not such an assshole
B) Read a freaking book
C) Travel to another city and see people you've never seen before

You're welcome.

Thought this thread was a dead thread. Then CT comes and. . . . . screws it all up. :cool:

That's it I'm done.


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