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This guy "got it" about last season and the possible impact of Casey Thompson.


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That would be a good trivia question. What game or games did Martinez, with the game on the line, with the clock winding down in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter, put together a game winning drive?

In 2020, he did score the winning TD against Rutgers to win 28-21. But when he scored, there was still almost 10 minutes left in the game. i guess that kind of counts, maybe?

In 2019, we scored 15 in the 4th quarter to beat Illinois 42-38.

2019 Northwestern, we kicked a field goal in the closing seconds to win 13-10.

2018 Mich State we kick three field goals in the fourth quarter to win 9-6.
Great post! yeah, I know we won some close games and so he could get credit for the "comeback win. Again, really like the young man, think he is an absolute solid dude, and hope for the best for him but am glad he is at KSU. Kind of like bein g in a long term relationship that was pretty good but once it was over, the weight off of your shoulders and the clouds clearing up is something you never imagined would be a possibility whilst in the relationship.

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I really wanted AM to be great, heck all of us did! But, he just couldn’t produce when we needed him to finish out opponents. I wish him the best moving forward.

It’s a limited sample size for CT compared to what we know about AM, but this is what I’ve observed (chart below) when watching the two of them lead their teams. I think we’re getting a QB that in the end will outperform the other teams QB more often than not. I’m hopeful that CT stays healthy and we knockout at least 7 wins. I think ST’s upgrades and better overall coaching should make that a reality. GBR!


Accuracy ✅

✅ Arm Strength

✅ Athleticism

✅ Elusiveness

Finding Open Receiver ✅

Mental Toughness ✅

✅ Physical Toughness

Pocket Awareness ✅

Quick Release ✅

Red Zone Efficiency ✅

Throwing Ball Away ✅

Throwing Receivers Open ✅

Turnover Ratio ✅

2 Minute Drill ✅
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