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"Their best win was Oregon, and we see now what Oregon looks like," Desmond Howard said. "
He certainly knows his stuff as he was spot on with his Oregon prediction. Oh wait, he picked UO by at least 17.
Sorry, I don't put much credence in anything said on that clown show. :Thumbsdown2:


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?? Nothing too harsh is those statements and I can't say I disagree with them.
If it gets the players fired up, more power to them. But I really don't have a problem with the national media being skeptical of our rating. We'll have plenty of chance to prove it on the field, starting today. Maybe I am just completely off-base here, but I am just not as worried about this game as most people are. I think that we'll have made the most of the bye week and come out ready to play a physical game.


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Neb has done all that has been put in front of them. begining of the year most thought Oregon would be a tough game...Not our fault they have dropped off the map. We have already beat the team we lost to last year. Statistically they are in the middle of the pack with some great things and some things to work on. THey worked on tackling this week shoring that up. The game planning for the most part has been good. In game adjustment have been good to great. I think they will be ready to hit some people in a differnt color uniform after a week off.
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