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The United States has announced a "diplomatic boycott" of the Winter Olympics in Beijing

Should the U.S. allow our Athletes to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing?

  • Yes, Our Athletes have trained hard/long to get to this level/event!

  • Yes, but we should support the US "Diplomatic Boycott" to protest Chinese Human Rights abuses.

  • Yes, because the Chinese retaliation could be really significant to US and our Allies.

  • Yes, Boycotts don't work so send them over. Politics shouldn't be involved in participation.

  • No, the human rights abuses are too severe to ignore.

  • Don't Care! I don't plan on watching any of the events.

  • No, China sucks because they sent us their Virus!

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I put things like this in the same realm as hashtag diplomacy. It might make some 20 year old intern feel good about themselves by "standing up" or "showing solidarity" but it is as ineffectual as the intern who posted it. Further, like slapping sanctions on a dictatorship, the collateral damage far exceeds its worth.

Let the athletes compete, I won't be watching either way.
It's better to go and hope our athletes win a lot of medals. The political pressure needs to be on the IOC to not award games to countries with atrocious human rights records.

The Olympics are a propaganda piece for the CCP but boycotting the Olympics or not is not on the top several pages of pressing problems we face. I've always had a hard time with the idea of robbing the athletes of the opportunities they have worked so hard for. There's got to be a more effective tool to express our displeasure than boycotting the Olympics. In this case, it would be far more effective if we worked toward minimizing our supply chain dependence on China.

China Relies on American Defector Eileen Gu at Genocide Games as Homegrown Athletes Fail​

"Gu brought China its third gold medal of the 2022 Winter Olympics, and its first for a women’s event. Another American defector, figure skater Zhu Yi, was brought in to replace a talented Chinese athlete but turned in a disastrous performance with several falls on the ice."
"As of Tuesday afternoon, the early totals from the Beijing Games put China in third place with 3 gold medals, 2 silver, and no bronze. Current leader Sweden had 4 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze. The U.S. had no gold medals as yet, but 4 silver and 1 bronze."
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NBC on Track for Lowest-Rated Winter Olympics in American Television History​

"Through the first four nights of competition, NBC is on track for the lowest-rated Winter Games in history. Friday night’s coverage on NBC, USA Network and Peacock averaged 12.8 million viewers, significantly down from the 27.8 million average in PyeongChang four years ago.

Thursday night’s audience of eight million marks the smallest primetime Olympics audience on record, surpassing the nine million that tuned in for the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Games.

NBC saw a steady increase in viewers Saturday and Sunday night, but the ratings are down more than half compared to PyeongChang. Preliminary figures from Saturday show 13.6 million, and 13.7 million from Sunday."
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All I know about the Olympics this year is that one figure skater renounced her citizenship to compete for China. Apparently she fell, screwed up, and got last place.

The pinnacle of human competition and sportsmanship, people.