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The Oklahoma State comprehensive football thread


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Shrum and Gundy are fairly tight I believe. I think he also is in good with the AD, Chad Weiberg (spelling). Afternoon sports host in OKC, Jim Traber, says Gundy has no one to answer to, creating a lax coach. He also makes 7 million per. That’s a lot of money for a school like OSU to handle.

They have lost a ton. They recruited very poorly. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen there. One thing I know for sure is, Mike Gundy is very rich, and comfortable. He definitely has lost some hunger. He still wants to win, and he’s a good coach, very good actually, but he’s gotten lazy with recruiting (for many years), and many other aspects around the program. They are weak in NIL, so that plays a factor as well (Boone is dead, no more money, no other mega rich alumni, except Garth). I don’t see Gundy doing this much longer (my own opinion). I think he’s fed up with NIL, and the transfer portal. He’s on cruise control, riding on a 4 more year contract. Easy 28 million. I think, as it stands now, they could have a losing season up there. We will see.

I sensed that things weren’t right after SS got hurt. No one ever knew if he was a go or not. Gundy would then admit “he missed practice all last week” due to something with his grandpa, etc. I started wondering then what was going on. My son says SS decided to return to OSU, Gundy said “no thanks”, and so a slew of other players left. My son has a lower level insider but who knows players.

As far as I can tell the whole thing is in shambles. But I also thought Cornelius’s QB year would be a total fail and yet they won some big games. Who knows.


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1-2 years and he might be in the portal, lot of variables there. if its really a SS behind the scenes, could be a year.

Everyone in college fb now is a free agent. A lot of these players will only be at a school for a semester and then on to something else. Going to lose a whole bunch of fan interest.

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Pretty much looks like the osu football program.
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