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The most unlikely staff member

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Hard to imagine Raiola winning the coaching survivor pool unless he's going to bring his nephew to NU, which seems very unlikely.

He came into a difficult situation, but I can't say that the O Line improved this year.
Maybe be moved to an Analyst/RC role for Oline? That way he can still help bring Dylan Raiola in?


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When Teddy and Henry were passing up elder statesmen, and bringing in guys like Nouili, there is some truth to it.
But, adding in poor development, it fits too
If you have a Will Shields/Dominic Raiola step on campus every few decades and he passes up his elder teammates it says a lot about how great he is…
when you have a Turner Corcoran/Bryce Benhart/Teddy Prochazka… step on campus practically every year and pass up his elder teammates, and then turn around and get passed up himself it says a lot about how bad there coaching is.
When the youngest/newest man on campus has the advantage it’s a problem… a BIG problem and it’s exactly what we’ve had for the last ~10 years and it tells me it’s not the OL coach.
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Am I the only one who gets really annoyed when Sipple is asking a question and he gets that really pensive look on his face? He squints his eyes like he's in deep thought. Relax Steve, you're just a sportswriter, not a nuclear physicist.

He's just trying to make sure he keeps the words in the right order.

He's got to concentrate on that.

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I didn't know Joe Kinney, but Sip is no Joe Kinney. (Appreciation of this post requires that one be... old)
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