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The most terrifying mascots in the SportsBiz by state.


Thanks RR...entertaining. I’ve never been a lil red fan. I guess he’s supposedly good for kids but I’d be fine with him disappearing. I’m still for bringing old school Herbie back, not the cowboy looking guy we have now.


Edit: I think Okie States is the creepiest btw
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When I was at Millard North we had a football rivalry with Creighton Prep. Since they were an all-boys school, we would always throw soap-on-a-rope. I guess that's terrifying.


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Now this one really is terrifying, because someone could've gotten stabbed in view of thousands of people. Not by a mascot, but a member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets during a game vs. SMU in the '80s. He took issue with SMU's cheerleading squad being in the end zone for a routine during a timeout, and responded by pulling his sword from its scabbard and brandishing it at a male SMU yell leader. He was supposedly upset that the SMU cheerleaders were violating "sacred ground" by being on the field, and quickly spun up into a rage. (Uh, Niedermeyer, it's just a football field, not "sacred ground.") Dude wound up getting suspended from school.
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I agree he is pretty scary when you see the old on-field version, which I know you have since you've been a fanatic for a long time :D There are a few other scary ones too.

Now THIS is a terrifying mascot: Harry Husker, the old NU character from the '70s.

Take note of all the scary features: 100% virgin polyester pants and blazer capable of shocking those around him with a severe jolt of static electricity … ginormous boots that could crush toes in a crowd ... huge cowboy hat that blocks the view of the person sitting behind him … NU flag that he waves like one of those obnoxious and annoying yellow towels so loved by Steeler fans … some kind of bizarre football badge hanging from his jacket pocket that appears to be a kid's participation ribbon (would you want to sit next to a guy wearing one of those?) … what looks to be a red feather protruding from his jacket pocket (don't even want to know) …

With him, you have every reason to be afraid.


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I don't find any of them terrifying. Maybe a little odd but, not terrifying.

Now post #20, yes, that is terrifying.