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The incredibly shrinking path to a .500 season


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Since we imploded against Illinois and choked against NW and Iowa, here we are at 1-4. To get to 4-4, we would have to win at Purdue, against Minnesota, and against an East Division opponent (likely Michigan St. or Rutgers... but knowing the Big 10, I would not rule out Michigan).

Purdue feels like a bad match-up for us. Brohm seems to own Frost, and I have no idea how our defense will even slow down Purdue's passing game. This isn't an Iowa or NW type of offense that we are facing. Purdue's defense is not that great, and one of their top players (Karlaftis) is out. But can our offense score more than 23 points in a game for the first time this season? I don't see this ending well for us.

Minnesota nixed their game this week, and who knows if they will play next week. If they sit out next week as well, what are the chances that a team that didn't ever really want to play this season decides to take their 2-3 record to Lincoln in mid-December? This game could definitely be cancelled. If the game is played, and if we can hold up against the run like we did today, I actually think we can win this game. Their RB is a beast though. Bateman sitting out will give our pass defense a fighting chance. Minnesota has a really bad defense... maybe even bad enough for us to reach the 30's. If this games happens, I would give us at least a 50% chance of winning. Not because we are good, but because Minnesota is disinterested and almost as bad.

If we win one or two more games heading into "consolation week", we should have a reasonable chance to beat Rutgers or Michigan St. If we enter at 1-5 or 1-6 though, I suspect we find a way to end the season with yet another loss. If the Big 10 pairs us with Michigan or Maryland, then we likely lose regardless.

A lot of things would have to go right for us to win out and reach .500. It would also mark the first three-game winning streak in Frost's tenure at NU. I would love to see it happen, but I highly doubt that it will.


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As of now, we'd be playing Penn State.
Right, although I thought the Big 10 at least reserved the right to manipulate games (except for the championship) to avoid rematches. Unless Penn St. has totally quit, I suspect they will beat Rutgers and/or Michigan St. Hell, they may beat Michigan.


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.500 would be great at this point, but seems far from likely. I really am more concerned the team wins at least 1 more game. 2 would be gravy. 3 would make my jaw drop.

Other than against Illinois they've been competitive or against OSU at least showed flashes. But they still aren't putting it together.

Going winless from here would be very bad for morale and confidence. If they at least win 1 or 2 more they can spin a little belief getting ready for next year.