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The Exodus (post Spring Game portal activity)

Exactly what Stoops did when he came to Oklahoma!
Yes, he did. I think we could do the same. For example, Gilbert really struggled to catch the ball in the spring game. He dropped two balls that were right in his hands. I'm not sure he will be an effective tight end.

However, someone that big and fast might just make a great defensive end. He could be a terror coming off the edge. There might be a couple other guys that could benefit from a position switch as well.

Of course, it all depends on if players are willing to make a switch, and if the coaches are good enough to coach them up.

I realize the spring game is when everyone sees the current product. However, it is only one scrimmage. The coaches base their decisions on what they see all spring.

Didn't expect that one
I knew one or more of our RBs would leave; I just hoped it wouldn't be him. Ervin has been getting a lot of attention and I see why. He looks like a Greek god. However, when he gets on the field, there's something missing. Just my two cents.

Allen is going to be very successful wherever he goes. I don't care how much depth we have at the position - this is a big loss.


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