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The Exodus (post Spring Game portal activity)

Best of luck to Casey. I appreciate everything he gave to the Huskers last year. While this stings my thought all spring was he was going to have a hard time catching up to Sims this fall. If he wasn't coming off surgery I think we would have a different outcome. Let's hope Purdy and Haarberg develop over the summer. We are going to really need them.

My first impression is that this decision came after a discussion with Rhule this week. Had to have heard something that made him uneasy.
I think this staff likes HH.

Also, I am higher on Chubba than about 99% of the fans that I Know. I thought he played well before he got hurt in his last appearance.
Purdy has never looked comfortable with the lights on. Maybe that was partially what Whip was asking him to do . . . but he always looked uneasy and erratic. I just don't think he has "it", but I'd be happy to be wrong.

I'd bet Rhule looks to add another QB if he sees someone he likes in the portal.


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