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The depth chart for Week 1 against Akron.

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Some tidbits from the article.

>>Nebraska essentially has a four-pack of inside linebackers: Dedrick Young, Collin Miller, Mohamed Barry and Will Honas are all listed as starters. Look for Young and Barry to take the first snaps but that quartet will rotate.

>>Big surprise at outside linebacker? Breon Dixon isn't on the depth chart. Freshman Caleb Tannor is. Luke Gifford and Tyrin Ferguson are the starters while Tannor and Alex Davis are backups.

>>At safety, Tre Neal will start at one spot while Antonio Reed and Deontai Williams are listed as co-starters at another spot. JoJo Domann or Marquel Dismuke are Neal's backups. Aaron Williams is on the depth chart. I'm curious to see how much he plays. NU has a redshirt year left for him.

>>Nebraska's starting corners are Lamar Jackson and Dicaprio Bootle. The backups are true freshmen Cam Taylor and Braxton Clark. Let's be honest: Teams are going to throw at NU's corners. There will be lots of quick screens thrown their way, too. Pack a lunch, guys.


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So many QBs these days up and transfer if they aren't starting or getting the playing time they want. Hope Gebbia is not of that ilk.
I hope he's not of that ilk either, but we'll see. Many knowledgeable folks on here think he'll be gone by May if AM keeps hold of the position. But maybe passing that statue of Brook Berringer every day will count for something...