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The depth chart for Week 1 against Akron.


Scout Team
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I hope we see heavy rotation of O linemen and D linemen in this game, starting when bullets are flying in the first half, not just mop up if we get to that. I'd like to see the entire 2 deep used a lot. That is where we need to provide live game experience to some of our players since by the end of this awful schedule, our lines are going to have taken a heck of a battering. We are playing against some of the best lines in the nation with our schedule.


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He's not starting but Gebia is an important part of this team and he will play.I don't see him sitting and brooding he'll be in the film room with AM helping him any way he can.Unless everything that was written and said about him was just people blowing smoke it's hard to see him not involved ,he's a hard working young man who will be used this season.
Yeah, that dog don’t hunt.