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The Big Dance Thread

As I've said many times before -- and I'm not the only one -- the first Thursday and Friday of the tournament are the single best sports days of the entire year. There's no other sport that has a stage suited so well for Cinderella teams to emerge. No other sport has more insane finishes. And so many of the highlights from these games live on and on for years.


I just can't give this Thread (particularly the Post above) Enough UP Votes!!!


I've watched this Purdue - Farleigh Dickinson game from the start. As I explained before the tournament started, I don't trust Purdue to do well. A 1-seed is on life support currently!

Matt Painter is a bit of a fraud.

Third straight tournament Purdue has been ousted by a double-digit seed.

Fairleigh-Dickinson only won 4 games last season!

Their coach is fun! Great postgame interview. He's a native Iowan.

Love March Madness!
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Farleigh is the shortest team in the tournament.

If you watched the game from the start, you know that FDU's gameplan was to double team Edy (Purdue's All-American center, tallest player in the tournament) and let Purdue try to beat them with 3's. Great plan. Purdue struggled all game from three.


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