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2022 No More Kool-Aid
10 Year Member
You don't have to root for either Alabama or Texas. ;)



Feral Cat
20 Year Member
NIL is apparently doing Texas just fine.

They landed a 4-star CB on Wednesday, then today a 4-star OT. Texas wasn't on the lineman's top 5 until this week. Didn't even take an official visit to Austin. That's likely NIL at work.


Feral Cat
20 Year Member
I am not a big fan of his movies. However, I did enjoy the movie Contact with him and Jodie Foster back in 1997.


I saw that in the theater at the time. Twice, IIRC.

But I've seen Dazed and Confused at least a dozen times. At least half of those in Austin -- since it was filmed here, there tends to be Dazed and Confused parties on occasion.


All American
15 Year Member
Wish they would make a sequel. :thumbsup:
Randall Floyd ended up a balding, divorced father of 2 stuck in a dead end customer service supervisory job.

Mitch Kramer washed out of Triple A ball, and owns a bar where he tells stories during week nights while serving up discount bottles of Pearl to his friends.
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