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Texas v. Nebraska - Game #1


Husker Fan
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Thanks Carrollton for the play by play, I wish we were celebrating a HUSKER win tonight but no such luck. Maybe they can come back strong tomorrow and even the series.


Tom Osborne
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Just saw the final. When I left after two, we were up 3-2. Seven innings of nada after that. Texas hits two bombs for 3 runs and they haven't hit many HRs this year. Texas mistakes kept us in the game until they played better defense and we stopped hitting. Jungman got it rolling.

Going to see the Orioles and Rays tomorrow afternoon. Good luck to the Huskers. Thanks for the pbp carrollton (and CBob).
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Dang! Just got home, and I was hoping I made a mistake, taking texass to win the series. Sadly, not! :(

Hey, Doc, good luck with your situation, ok? Hope all works out well, the way you want. We're all here in
spirit, if nothing we can do to help, otherwise.

Well, I have that Tea with mom tomorrow, around 2:30, so I might have a little time to see you guys.

Hopefully, the Huskers can come back and win 2 in a row? :rolleyes::banghead::popcorn::cheers::rockon::rolfl: