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Tennessee investigation.


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Another example and well stated by Danny White. I'll never convince some of the posters on here that I'm not a Michigan or JH fan. I am not. However, I have had a beef with how the NCAA has handled the investigation of Michigan and the appearance that they are on a witch hunt at anyone who speaks out against the NCAA. Danny White speaks of the NCAA moving the goal post to meet a pre-determined outcome. I fully believe the NCAA was on a head hunting mission with JH primarily due to him speaking out in support of player pay a while back. Then during the next investigation of him buying recruits cheeseburgers they expanded the charges to not being cooperative. Well that's a catch all they can use to subjectively accuse anyone of anything.

Unable to substantiate that they moved into sign stealing. They had no proof of JH involvement even though the program and the University employee was directly involved. However instead of penalizing Michigan as an institution they went after JH individually. Exactly opposite of what they did at Florida State. The Michigan program will likely walk away without a scratch on their program. Probably less than a wrist slap. And the NCAA is happy because they got the B1G to discipline JH because they couldn't.

The NCAA is becoming a fraud. Michigan getting off free.


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