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Ted Carter on hot mic: Big Ten decision tonight


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I know no more than the rest of you, but somewhere along the line we have to forget about Warren. He isn't a player at this time, in my judgement. No one that's making the decision is hanging on his words. Its the Presidents. Always has been. He just made a terrible announcement and had no clue how to handle the questions that followed. But everything he said came from his bosses.

I am going to give Carter the benefit of the doubt about knowing the mic was hot. But why is he telling anyone, including that guy next to him at the podium, the lay of the land. Keep quiet until the deal is done. Geez. That's course 101 stuff.

But again. Maybe Green told him just that and Green had it wrong.

Who knows. Those that know aren't talking and those that are talking don't know.


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No indication there will be an official B1G announcement tonight. Put Nebraska president alongside the yacht guy in the Unreliable Newsbreak Dept. Expectation remains that there will be a fall season, but nothing yet formalized. Vigil reconvenes in the morning. Pat Forde September 15, 2020. What a tool!!


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what a cluster. I give up...and this is going to be a long night for President Carter

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Is it possible there weren't enough votes but the teams wanting to play are now allowed to? #Back from my vacation :)
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