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The week link for their lineup by a mile continues to be Josh Peterson.
*If you're and "old"
Maybe, I have nothing against him being young, but if he is doing a sports talk show he should be able to speak a little about sports that occurred before Tom Brady became the QB for the Patriots. I don't like his quirks I guess and his partner seems like he is yelling at the microphone all the time.

But, that is what makes the world go round you like him/them and I don't. Bils doesn't like Matt V and I think he is decent. Nothing great, but better than the afternoon guys.

Bahe got better, he was too much of a Creighton homer at first for me, but he backed off some, still couldn't stand when he had Matt Schick on the show.

Kuglar and Severe were great. Funny and relevant with sports and pop culture talk. Out here in Boise we have a similar 3-6 show with a couple of guys that combine sports and funny pretty well for the most part.

I think Severe with Benning will be good.


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Just announced on 1620.


Benning and Severe in the morning. The Gary Sharp show from 10 to 2.
That works!!! I think Benning and Severe will do a good job as long as Michael can keep Damon on the tracks....Gary Sharp is great IMO. I'm sooooo happy not to have to listen to Bahe - or Kugler - both were unlistenable to me. Kugler's incessant chattering on BTN still makes me crazy, but there is always the mute button on TV.

BARNUM is back

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but - just to reiterate - if you like husker talk radio - and you're not listening to or podcasting early break with sip and Jake in the early mornings on 93.7 the ticket out of lincoln then:

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I thought Sharp was taking over Bahe spot. I am listening to Vrsal and some guy doing a show right now.


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I really liked Sharp and Benning together, listened to the first hour of Severe and Benning's first show on lunch today and it wasn't bad, but I'll miss Gary.

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Bishop and Josh are easily the weakest of the 3 shows, and somehow they have drive time at 5pm???

Bishop was a great second banana to Kugler, but with Josh the show has no direction, and it seems more often then not they are not talking sports. For instance, Friday drive home you would think they would be setting up for the weekend of sports: NOT SO! One beer friday and movie reviews.

I thought Sharp and Benning was the strongest, and reviews bore that out. If Benning didn't coach football, he'd be drivetime, for sure.

I listened to Severe and Benning this morning, and the seems to be just what I feared: two brothers talking ebonics with old school, back in the day references.

Now I listen to 590 on the drive home: All sports, and nothing but sports.


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Severe & Benning isn't going to work. Mikel talks to fast for Damon & steps all over him. It already take 10 seconds for Damon to say 3 words sometimes and with Mikel talking over him those 3 words might take a full minute now. :Facepalm:


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I listened to TBL with Severe and I didn't care for him when he just talked without having a guest on. He fills the air with inane stuff and then yelled occasionally while ranting about something. I only listened via an App called TuneIn though, so at least I could just listen to the interviews and parts of each show that I wanted to. There's no way I could listen to Severe for an entire 3 hour show.

As for OWH, with all the layoffs they are having, it seems likely that it won't be around too much longer. Print media is going down slowly but surely due to people getting more news that is up to the minute on the internet. And instead of going with a lower price, newspapers have increased their prices.
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