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Taylor Kissinger Newest Husker Commit

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Prospectsnation.com had Taylor ranked #56 in their top 100 last season. Missed several games with a wrist injury, last year, but averaged 28 in games she played. Was listed at 6-0, I think up to 6-1, 6-2 now. Twin sisters playing D-1, as you may know, with one having transferred to Creighton this year.

IMO, this is a big get. She can play a lot of spots on the floor and comes from a family with great work ethic. Saw her practice with varsity boys last fall and she could run with some of the best.


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Nebraska produces a lot of quality women D-1 players in both basketball and volleyball. Seems like most the good athletes in this state are women. Our women sports at UN-L play at a high level most of the time

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LINCOLN — The best women’s basketball prospect in the state — from a family with its share of basketball stars — gave new Nebraska coach Amy Williams a key first commitment for her 2017 recruiting class.
Taylor has been the most heavily recruited, and is one of the nation’s best shooters, according to her club coach, All-Iowa Attack program director Dickson Jensen.

“Her range is deep as anyone in the country — and she’s accurate,” Jensen said.

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A couple nice articles on Taylor Kissinger!


She (Taylor) has earned the No. 52 ranking in the class coming into the summer. She has established her range, which extends several feet behind the 3-point line, and her ability to score against elite defenses in a variety of settings.

Taylor Kissinger of Minden, Neb., is a pure shotmaker. She has a high release and her range extends to the international 3-point line. As a member of the class of 2017, she was comfortable shooting off the move and off the dribble.

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We were very fortunate to have a high-quality, NIT winning, and former Husker player, waiting-in-the-wings' so to speak to pick up the ball and run with it! :Santa:

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I'll sign off on this concept when we've won a regular season conference title, conference tournament title, make a couple of sweet 16s, and get a national coach of the year award. Hope it happens, but it won't be easy.